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Anti Glare Glasses


5 Reasons Why You Need Anti Glare Glasses

You may have heard about anti glare glasses and how protective they are, especially nowadays – when each one of us spends more time in front of the screens than doing any other activity. However, before we start listing out the benefits of anti glare glasses, let’s state how bad in reality computers are for our sight.

If you are suffering from various conditions when it comes to your eyes and your vision in general, you must consider a solution to protect your eyes the next time you use your computer. In a nutshell, the computer, TV or the mobile screens in general are devices we spend too much time on, and according to various doctors and optometrics, computers DO permanently damage the eyes. Whether it comes to causing eyestrains or exacerbating the existing eye conditions, staring at the computer for more than 3 hours daily is a common risk.

So, why invest in anti glare glasses? We are listing the main benefits:


1. They help improve vision – Anti glare glasses augment the amount of light that enters our eyes which makes us see better and prevent further issues with our vision.

2. They are durable and effective – Anti glare glasses have a feature of anti glare coating which means extended quality of a lens. Apart from protecting your sight, they are also great against heat, water and even scratches!

3. They reduce glare while driving – Anti glare glasses act great against headlights and streetlights – which are really a major cause of glare nowadays. Preventing disruption during driving, anti glare glasses do make driving easier and improve your vision at night.

4. They minimize eye fatigue – Not only they prevent eye conditions, anti glare glasses also protect you from fatigue and make you work full time in your office without worrying that the computer light will make you feel tired.

5. They provide great cosmetic appearance – In the end, anti glare glasses reduce the external reflections as well as the internal ones on the lenses and provide a nice cosmetic appeal – making the appearance of lenses thicker while masking your eyes from a clear view on them.



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