Anti-reflective coating keeps the computer screen glare down and relaxes your eyes.

anti-reflective lensesAnti-reflective coating is recommended by all eye examiners world wide for daily wear and computer use. Reducing the glare with anti-reflective coating reduces the strain on your eyes. If you spend every day under artificial light and in front of UV emitting monitors you could use as much protection as possible. Nerdiwear has developed the perfect protective eye wear solution. We have engineered protective eye wear that protects you from brightness, screen glare, sunlight UV, blue HEV,  they are lightweight, durable and comfortable. Anti-reflective coated protective glasses is a step in the right direction if you want to save your eyes from daily exposure to the harsh office elements.

We take for granted daily how much work our eyes go through just to read and look at images. Monitors are set up from the factory with very high contrast and brightness settings and many of us leave the settings as is. If you already wear prescription eye wear when you sit at your computer you probably already have anti-reflective coating on them. If so your eyes are already protected more so than the average user with no glasses.

To make it even better we have applied anti-reflective coating to both sides of our lenses giving you extra protection from eye strain and eye fatigue. With our combination of tint, anti-reflective coating, CR39HMC anti scratch lenses, UV protection, and lightweight Titanium frames, we have developed the perfect computer eye glasses. We are so confident our computer eye wear will help your tired eyes we offer a 30 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product we will buy them back from you.



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