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Anti Reflective Lenses


Anti Reflective Lenses –¬†An Affordable and Effective solution to protect your eyes

Anti-Glare or commonly known as anti reflective lenses coating is a type of coating that is applied to the surface of lenses or glasses in order to minimize the reflection of harmful light. It is common in the modern optics and is made of various layers containing metal oxide films which are coated on the surface of the lens. In fact, the anti reflective lenses is always considered as a smart choice and effective on the long run. Wondering why?

The real effectiveness behind anti reflective lenses is behind the light transmission – which is reduced from 90 to 92 percent, as the remaining 8-10% of the light is blocked by the reflections of the lens. Anti reflective lenses significantly minimize the lens reflection and facilitate even 99% of the light to enter the eye, creating better vision and reducing the glare caused due to the light striking in the back of the lens.


The augmented amount of light which is available to the human eye and processed through the anti reflective lenses results in better and improved vision.

However, the best feature of the anti reflective lenses is the permanence of the pair of glasses, while revolutionizing them into an accessory that fights amazingly well against other common issues like dirt, heat, water and scratches. So, not only the anti reflective lenses help in better and improved vision, they also serve the glasses as shields in terms of protection and durability.

Various optometrists are recommending the anti reflective lenses as a premium solution against conditions like eyestrain (which is a serious one), but also against preventing even more serious vision issues – especially for people who work, play games or surf the Internet too much, or in other words can get rid of the computer in general. Being affordable and unique solution to these problems, anti reflective lenses give another meaning to staying safe and aware of the possible threats while using the computer on a daily basis.




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