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Online Computer Glasses

computer-glasses-womens computer-glassesComputer Glasses – the need for and How Effective They Really Are!

Nowadays, we live in a rapid society with both digital and physical presence. With knowing that the digital world created an online revolution and that almost every single effort is nowadays digitalized in order to profit from it, it is clear that a large portion of the people spend the most of their hours on computers and laptops.

While for some this factor is progressive and interesting, for the people themselves it can be devastating and a great risk posed to their health. Why?

In a nutshell, the computer screen harms our eyes. In order to get rid of this threat, it is important to invest in computer glasses – a revolutionary accessory that will not only save you the hustle and worry, but also make you more productive.


Common Threats and Eye Disorders

In fact, if you are aware about the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and how it is a larger threat with every single day, you must know that wearing computer glasses is the best way to prevent it. The CVS comes with a group of symptoms like eye strain, headache, blurred vision and dry eyes. This is all caused by prolonged computer use, in which without computer glasses, our eyes and brain react differently than they obviously do to printed text.

However, the CVS is not the only problem here. Without wearing proper computer glasses, people who spend a lot of time on computers also risk their eyes from another disorder that results in eye loss and inability of focus on nearby objects. It is called Presbyopia and the best way to prevent it is simple – you should wear the computer glasses.


So, what are computer glasses and how are they better than regular eyeglasses?

First of all, computer glasses have anti-reflective lenses. This means that unlike the standard eyeglasses, the computer glasses block the harmful radiations and make sure to reduce glare while enhancing the vision and focus. Having to work with computer glasses thereby reduces the harmful impact of the computer screen and does not result with tiredness and eye pain.

Today’s gadgets apart from only computers also share the same negative impact on our eyes which can be easily prevented. The computer glasses come without any side effects to our eyes, and while protecting our eyestrain and headache, they also help a lot without making us tired due to prolonged working on computers.


But did you know that the use of computer glasses is not only recommended for computers?

In fact, these glasses also act great against glare and reflection from water, snow and other flat surfaces. Therefore, the computer glasses are the best accessory when it comes to driving, biking or any other outdoor adventure. This means that whether you are a computer or gadget user or an outdoor lover, computer glasses are made to tailor everyone’s needs!

There is a whole other set of helpful benefits that the computer glasses hold. They are lightweight and easy to carry, but also come with zero magnification and without the need of prescription. As you already know, the glare coating and UVA/UVB ones are all a part of the computer glasses, which can be worn at any time.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

We are aware that nowadays, people skip the computer for TV, or the TV for their mobile phone. And in this situation, there is nothing worse than the glare these devices spread on our eyes, risking our sight and the clarity in our eyes. According to a recent study made by the US Vision Council, it was found that even 70 percent of the american adults reported having some kind of digital eye strain, whether it was blurred vision, eyestrain, dry or red eyes, headache, back pain, neck pain or general fatigue.

Reducing eyestrain while ergonomically optimizing your workstation starts with investing in a pair of computer glasses. They are meant to optimize your eyesight while looking at digital screens and while increasing contrast and maximizing what you see – they also make it easier to look at any screen for a longer period. The anti-reflective (AR) coating is probably the most perfect technology invented to reduce the screen glare and make it bounce off.

At this point, you may be thinking that you really need computer glasses. And in reality, they are made for anyone. Whether it’s you tied in your workstation with your computer, or even your kid who loves gaming, the time for decent protection has come.

Many doctors and scientists advise the use of computer glasses during work, gaming and other screen-involving activities. The craze for the screens increases on  a daily basis for many people throughout the world, and progressively with that, the risk we pose our eyes to rises.

So, in a nutshell, the computer glasses help filtering out the harsh light spectrum coming from any screen and is directed to our eye muscles. They are tinted and come in several colors: gray, yellow, amber or clear, so you can customize your look for the indoors, driving, computer, home or office accordingly.

If you are already experiencing an eyestrain and think you are better without computer glasses at this point, you are terribly wrong. Not only computer glasses will help you feel better, they can also reduce the eyestrain and increase the contrast – while keeping your vision straight in line.

In the end, what you may be asking yourself is the question we all share – should I really consider buying computer glasses?

The answer is and always will be YES if you regularly spend at least 4 hours daily in front of the computer, and not to mention all the other devices. If you are however skeptic about your appearance, you should know that computer glasses come in many styles and frames, as well as glass colors.

Ultimately, computer glasses are one of the most revolutionary items with which we can fight off the negative impact of our beloved screens which we usually ignore. At this point – we should not ignore it but confront it, at least before it’s too late.




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Anti Glare Glasses for Computers

anti-glare-glasses-for-computersThe Real Importance behind Anti Glare Glasses for Computers

Living in such advanced era of technology apart from benefiting the human, has also caused problems. A great deal of the world’s population cannot see clearly and correctly. Although this is not a visual impaired problem, there are many things causing this to happen. The need for anti glare glasses for computers is therefore evident.

In fact, the overall need for glasses or spectacles throughout the globe is not a radical invention. It existed in the past as people worn various visual aids years and centuries bck in time. Although instead of the modern anti glare glasses for computers there were monocles, the main problem with them was that they were falling off.

anti-glare-glasses-for-computersWith the evolution of medicine as well as ophthalmology, anti glare glasses for computers but also for daily use were invented, in different colors and styles. But do you know what do anti glare glasses for computers represent in particular?

The specialty of the anti glare glasses for computers is that they completely reflect the light from the computer screen to enter and harm the eyes. Additionally, the technology in which anti glare glasses for computers are a part of is very delicate and special, as these lenses serve a particular meaning.

So, wondering if you need anti glare glasses for computers?

The truth is, these glasses are meant for people who work a lot or are dependent on the computer screens. From digital enthusiasts to workaholics and freelancers, anti glare glasses for computers are a revolutionary accessory to protect the eyes and the vision in general. Also, they make sure to keep the eyes protected at all times from the harmful rays of the screen and are designed in a very specific way not to provide any glare on their lenses, which is a really important benefit among all the others.

In the end, filtering the blue light of the computer screens into a whole new perspective for the user not only makes the glasses effective and stopping the harm of the rays entering the yes, but also reduces the tension and fatigue which is often a result of longer periods of working, studying or even gaming on the computer.



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Anti Reflective Lenses


Anti Reflective Lenses – An Affordable and Effective solution to protect your eyes

Anti-Glare or commonly known as anti reflective lenses coating is a type of coating that is applied to the surface of lenses or glasses in order to minimize the reflection of harmful light. It is common in the modern optics and is made of various layers containing metal oxide films which are coated on the surface of the lens. In fact, the anti reflective lenses is always considered as a smart choice and effective on the long run. Wondering why?

The real effectiveness behind anti reflective lenses is behind the light transmission – which is reduced from 90 to 92 percent, as the remaining 8-10% of the light is blocked by the reflections of the lens. Anti reflective lenses significantly minimize the lens reflection and facilitate even 99% of the light to enter the eye, creating better vision and reducing the glare caused due to the light striking in the back of the lens.


The augmented amount of light which is available to the human eye and processed through the anti reflective lenses results in better and improved vision.

However, the best feature of the anti reflective lenses is the permanence of the pair of glasses, while revolutionizing them into an accessory that fights amazingly well against other common issues like dirt, heat, water and scratches. So, not only the anti reflective lenses help in better and improved vision, they also serve the glasses as shields in terms of protection and durability.

Various optometrists are recommending the anti reflective lenses as a premium solution against conditions like eyestrain (which is a serious one), but also against preventing even more serious vision issues – especially for people who work, play games or surf the Internet too much, or in other words can get rid of the computer in general. Being affordable and unique solution to these problems, anti reflective lenses give another meaning to staying safe and aware of the possible threats while using the computer on a daily basis.




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Zero Power Glasses


Zero Power Glasses – Protect Your Eyes While Transforming your Look

Are you aware that eyestrain is spreading out to the population more and more year by year?

For those of you who don’t know about it – it is an annoying condition when your eyes get tired from intense use from the computer screens and other digital devices, but also while driving long distances. However, there is solution for this problem and it’s called – zero power glasses.

So, how will the zero power glasses protect you and your sight and why it is one of the best investments you will ever make?

Whether you are working on IT or love gaming on your computer or PS4, protecting your eyes is a basic obligation you must stick to. Ocular surface disorders are as well common nowadays, and our eyes are probably the most important part of our bodies.

Zero power glasses are extremely effective – for both reducing the harmful UV lights entering your eyes but also preventing fatigue while gaming on working long hours on the computer/other screens.

And if you think – ‘Zero power glasses are a burden’ – you are terribly wrong. Being light and easy to wear, they always come with positive outcome, reducing headaches, fatigue, and possibly pain in the back of the eyes.


While some people may go for the effectiveness of zero power glasses, others may fall just because of not knowing how they look. And again, good news – zero power glasses come in various designs and shapes. You can find the most modern zero power glasses with frames made from aluminum and steel, and even customizable colors for the lenses! Choosing whether yellow, gray, amber or optically clear suits you best is now possible. And better yet – the battle against strains and CVS (computer vision syndrome) will always be on your side.

In the end, zero power glasses can be worn both as a fashion accessory but also as an amazing tool to take care of your eyes and prevent any disorders. You can make a statement with bold and stylish zero power glasses and convert your casual into smarty-ish and ultra modern look. But the main importance – you will eliminate the glare, as the zero power glasses are coated with UV and Blue Light coating which means you will say goodbye to the UV rays and start enjoying your long hours in front of the computer screen – without a sign or fatigue or any pain at all!



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Anti Glare Glasses


5 Reasons Why You Need Anti Glare Glasses

You may have heard about anti glare glasses and how protective they are, especially nowadays – when each one of us spends more time in front of the screens than doing any other activity. However, before we start listing out the benefits of anti glare glasses, let’s state how bad in reality computers are for our sight.

If you are suffering from various conditions when it comes to your eyes and your vision in general, you must consider a solution to protect your eyes the next time you use your computer. In a nutshell, the computer, TV or the mobile screens in general are devices we spend too much time on, and according to various doctors and optometrics, computers DO permanently damage the eyes. Whether it comes to causing eyestrains or exacerbating the existing eye conditions, staring at the computer for more than 3 hours daily is a common risk.

So, why invest in anti glare glasses? We are listing the main benefits:


1. They help improve vision – Anti glare glasses augment the amount of light that enters our eyes which makes us see better and prevent further issues with our vision.

2. They are durable and effective – Anti glare glasses have a feature of anti glare coating which means extended quality of a lens. Apart from protecting your sight, they are also great against heat, water and even scratches!

3. They reduce glare while driving – Anti glare glasses act great against headlights and streetlights – which are really a major cause of glare nowadays. Preventing disruption during driving, anti glare glasses do make driving easier and improve your vision at night.

4. They minimize eye fatigue – Not only they prevent eye conditions, anti glare glasses also protect you from fatigue and make you work full time in your office without worrying that the computer light will make you feel tired.

5. They provide great cosmetic appearance – In the end, anti glare glasses reduce the external reflections as well as the internal ones on the lenses and provide a nice cosmetic appeal – making the appearance of lenses thicker while masking your eyes from a clear view on them.



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Anti-Reflective Lenses for Glasses

anti-reflective-lenses-for-glassesANTI-REFLECTIVE LENSES FOR GLASSES

Antі-Rеflесtіvе Lenses Cоаt іѕ a thin, multі-lауеr fіlm соаtіng applied tо thе lеnѕ surfaces, whісh еlіmіnаtеѕ rеflесtеd glаrе and іnсrеаѕеѕ thе trаnѕmіѕѕіоn оf visible lіght. (Tурісаllу, only about 90% оf thе lіght іѕ transmitted thrоugh a lens.) Thіѕ рrосеѕѕ adds to thе рrоduсtіоn tіmе іn mаnufасturіng thе Antі-Rеflесtіvе Coating Glаѕѕеѕ, аѕ еасh coating layer muѕt dry аnd bе inspected before thе nеxt lауеr саn bе applied. Eасh layer consists of mеtаl oxides which сrеаtе орtісаl іntеrfеrеnсе tо counteract rеflесtіng lіght wаvеѕ аnd аllоwѕ mоrе lіght to bе transmitted thrоugh the lеnѕ, and іѕ scientifically еngіnееrеd to wоrk wіth a ѕресіfіс segment оf thе соlоr ѕресtrum. A vеrу vаguе tіnt mау appear on thе Anti-Reflective lеnѕеѕ whеn еxаmіnеd closely under overhead lіghtіng. Anti-Reflective Lenses Coat can bе applied on lenses fоr rеgulаr еуеglаѕѕеѕ оr рrеѕсrірtіоn sunglasses, and is juѕt аѕ еffесtіvе in еіthеr саѕе.


Computer uѕеrѕ, thоѕе whо wоrk undеr flоrеѕсеnt lighting, оr аrе bоthеrеd bу оn-соmіng headlights wіll ѕее the benefits оf an Antі-Rеflесtіvе Coat. It аlѕо enhances the соѕmеtіс appeal of уоur eyeglasses, аѕ Antі-Rеflесtіvе Lеnѕеѕ rеduсеѕ light being reflected оff оf уоur lenses, ѕо реорlе viewing уоu see уоu аnd уоur eyes! It ѕhоuld be nоtеd that ѕіnсе thе Antі-Rеflесtіvе Cоаt іѕ аррlіеd to thе exterior of thе lеnѕеѕ, іt rеquіrеѕ ѕресіаl handling and сlеаnіng to рrореrlу mаіntаіn іt and аvоіd ѕсrаtсhеѕ. Alwауѕ сlеаn thеіr Lеnѕеѕ ‘wеt’ – nеvеr drу – uѕіng a recommended Lіquіd Lens Cleaner оr vеrу mіld dіѕh soap and water, аlоng wіth a ѕоft, clean Lеnѕ Cleaning Clоth. NEVER uѕе hаrѕh dеtеrgеntѕ, ammonia, оr abrasive household сlеаnеrѕ or рареr рrоduсtѕ whеn сlеаnіng/drуіng Anti-Reflective Lеnѕеѕ Cоаtеd Lеnѕеѕ.



Whо wіll benefit and where?

  • Offісе environments where fluоrеѕсеnt lighting is uѕеd.
  • Where continuous use оf соmрutеr screens causes еуе ѕtrеѕѕ аnd/оr hеаdасhеѕ.
  • Fоr thоѕе whо suffer frоm vіѕuаl blіndnеѕѕ саuѕеd bу thе glare frоm оnсоmіng vеhісlеѕ аt night.
  • Been shown to іmрrоvе reading аbіlіtу оf children аnd thоѕе wіth special nееdѕ.
  • Thоѕе who suffer frоm PSE (Phоtоѕеnѕіtіvе Epilepsy) оr Dуѕlеxіа.
  • Hеlрѕ mіgrаіnе sufferers by rеduсіng visual ѕtrеѕѕ.
  • Stroke victims whо аrе lеft with ‘patchy’ vіѕіоn by providing a mоrе complete vіѕuаl еxреrіеnсе.



80% lіght transmission brоwn соntrаѕt filter

Reflection free аntі-rеflесtіvе соаtіng

Suреr Eаѕусlеаn tор соаt

Mid index 1.56 mаtеrіаl



Alіgnѕ ѕсаttеrеd lіght rеflесtіоnѕ

Dаmреnѕ flісkеr

Sharpens соntrаѕt

Rеduсеѕ еуе strain

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Driving Glasses and or Computer Glasses

Driving Glasses Clear lensDriving Glasses you can wear all day.

Nerdiwear designed anti-glare coated, scratch resistant CR39HMC, UV coated lenses with optional tint choice are perfect for daily wear. Our Driving Glasses do not have any magnification in the lens and will not hurt your eyes or affect your vision negatively. Nerdiwear Driving Glasses offer full protection from all angles. Reflections, Brightness, Glare, UV and they are ultra light and comfortable to wear.

Driving Glasses are not only great for night driving but they can be worn all day to protect your eyes from TV’s, computer monitors, digital displays and the sun. Our light tinted glasses can be worn indoors and in bright offices without feeling like you are wearing sun glasses. They have just enough tint to knock down the brightness and help your eyes relax.

Driving Glasses Amber tintDriving Glasses Gray tintEye strain will happen if you repeatedly expose your eyes to stress and less blinking.

When you focus on the road and your blinking rate slows down your eyes dry out and become red and irritated. Our driving glasses will not help you blink more but they help protect them when they are over worked and stressed out. Our Driving Glasses are non prescription and made from high quality materials including: Titanium and stainless steel lightweight frames, scratch resistant CR39HMC lenses, anti glare and anti reflective coating, UV and HEV Blue protection and a light tint choice.

Driving Glasses Yellow tintYellow tinted Driving Glasses are the trend.

Yellow tinted driving glasses became popular because when you look through them everything you see is filtered to a higher contrast. The increased contrast makes darks darker and lights lighter. This effect allows you to feel comfortable viewing objects at night with road glare. Yellow tint is not the only tint to offer this effect. Gray tinted and Amber tinted lenses also offer protection from brightness and increased viewing contrast. They work the same in protecting your eyes but the colors you see are less distorted. Yellow tinted glasses as trendy as they are can be annoying to look through if you like seeing the colors of the world. Gray tinted Driving Glasses offer full protection and leave colors intact. They are more comfortable to wear because you are already used to wearing sun glasses and gray is more familiar to your eyes.

If your looking for high quality driving glasses you can shop our computer glasses store and you will be protected and satisfied. We offer a 30 day guarantee on all of our eyewear. For night driving and computer user professionals:





Driving Glasses
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Computer Glasses 0 power

Computer Glasses 0 powerComputer Glasses 0 power relieve eye strain and eye fatigue.

Computer Glasses 0 power from Nerdiwear have all the protection you need in a pair of computer glasses. If you take a trip to your local Optometrist they may try to convince you that your eyes need a intermediate distance single vision prescription to stop your eye strain. Intermediate glasses are like reading glasses but the distance of the focal point is calibrated to your computer work station and monitor distance. If you have good vision and have never needed glasses you may not need a prescription at all.

Nerdiwear Computer Glasses 0 power protect your eyes in every way. They have UV and HEV Blue protection, anti reflective coatings on both sides of the lenses, they offer the optional light tint of yellow, gray or amber to reduce the room brightness. Computer glasses don’t need to have a magnification to be effective.

Computer Glasses 0 power
Computer Glasses 0 power gray lens

What is eye strain?

If your eyes are red itchy and sore from the computer monitor you are most likely experiencing eye strain. Eye strain is caused by lack of moisture to the eye in combination with over exposure. Eye Strain affects millions of computer users from countless professions. Graphic Designers, Programmers, Website Developers, Data Entry Clerks, Video Editors, Animation Production artists and more. Your eyes dry out because you are spending too much time focusing and your natural blink rate is reduced from 12 blinks a minute to 5-6 per minute. With your eyes getting less moisture they tend to get sore and red, itchy and irritated after all the exposure. If you are a beginner in a computer profession you might not have any side affects. If you already wear glasses you are most likely protected. Nerdiwear Computer Glasses 0 power won’t help you blink more but they help relax the burden on your eyes and reduce the stress caused by the elements in the office. Office brightness, monitor glare and rapid scrolling images all contribute to your eyes working harder than the usually do.

Computer Glasses 0 power yellow tint
Computer Glasses 0 power yellow tint

Age and over exposure affects your eyes.

If you are around the age of 40 and you have been working with computers for over 10 years your eyes are not going to last. You should invest in Computer Glasses 0 power from Nerdiwear to protect your eyes before they grow weak and over worked. There are many symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, red eyes, itchy eyes, blurry vision, burning eyes, headaches, sore neck, dry eyes. If you think you may have bad vision you may need to see an eye Dr. and get a exam. If you only feel the symptoms when you sit behind your monitor you are experiencing eye strain also known as eye fatigue.

Computer glasses 0 power designed for men and women.

Nerdiwear has a nice selection of high end professional quality titanium and stainless steel Computer Glasses 0 power for both men and women. We have them made to order. Our lenses are made from high quality scratch resistant CR39HMC which is very durable and light weight.

Shop online for your Computer Glasses 0 power





Computer glasses 0 power
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Computer Glasses zero power

Computer Glasses zero power are all you need to reduce your eye strain.

Computer Glasses zero power will protect your eyes from eye strain, eye fatigue and Computer Vision Syndrome just fine. There are many computer glasses in the marketplace that promote reading type glasses with magnification for computer use. If you have never worn glasses before you should avoid purchasing any computer glasses with magnification unless your eye doctor gives you a prescription. You should be a little skeptical of local optometrist and eye care centers in malls, these eye glasses vendors are in business to sell you glasses and exams. If Computer Glasses zero power were the simple answer to relaxing your tired eyes these eye glass companies would not sell you what you need for the right price. Remember the distance for reading computer screens is called intermediate and it is about 30 or so inches. Reading glasses from CVS or a Pharmacy are made for books and will only affect your vision negatively if used for computers.

Computer Glasses zero power

Computer Glasses zero power with anti reflective coating

Anti glare or anti-reflective coating is what really helps your eyes relax. Your eyes are very sensitive and reducing any unnecessary stress will make your eye strain feel better. Non-prescription Computer Glasses must have anti reflective coating on both sides to maximize the effectiveness. Neridwear Computer Glasses zero power cover your eyes with every angle of protection.


Computer Glasses zero power with UV protection

UV and HEV protection is from harmful blue light. Artificial lighting emits UV in small amounts. If you just dabble in computers you probably don’t have to worry much, but if you are at your terminal every day for many hours you should definitely invest in decent eye protection. Nerdiwear Computer Glasses zero power have protection from both HEVand UV from the sun. If you value your vision you should pick up a pair of computer glasses.


Computer Glasses zero powerComputer Glasses zero power with light yellow tinted lenses

Gaming glasses have started a trend of yellow tinted glasses. Pretty much the same as Blue Blockers and driving glasses being sold everywhere. What if we told you that gray lenses offer the same increased contrast but they are much more pleasant to look through. Gray lens Computer Glasses zero power from Nerdiwear are lightweight titanium and have CR39HMC lenses. CR39HMC is eye glass industry standard and as professional as it gets. Rarely will you find real glass anymore. CR39HMC is durable and scratch resistant. Beware of popular gaming glasses with a mild power and curved lenses. The extreme curved lenses distort the prescription and are not recommended to be used daily or for long periods of time.


Computer Glasses zero power with light gray tinted lenses

Nerdiwear has developed and tested a variety of different lens colors including: Yellow tinted lens, Amber tinted lens and Gray tinted lens. We have found that they are all equally effective in protecting your eyes, but the gray glasses are more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The gray color Computer Glasses zero power has the least color distortion and images are viewed as close as possible to their natural color. Shop nerdiwear today and say goodbye to your sore eyes.



Computer glasses preventing
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Computer Glasses preventing computer eye strain

Computer Glasses preventing computer eye strain and exhausted eyes.

Computer Glasses preventing

Computer glasses preventing computer eye strain is just the beginning. If your rubbing your eyes and wondering what’s it going to take to reduce the soreness, redness and the irritation computer glasses are the answer. Professional computer users that spend hours behind computer monitors are using computer glasses preventing computer vision syndrome and eye fatigue more and more every year.

You should use computer glasses preventing the glare and the reflections from monitors and office lighting. Glare and reflections are stressful on your eyes and having anti-glare coatings on your computer glasses preventing eye strain is very important.

You should also use tinted computer glasses preventing over-brightness. Lightly tinted computer glasses will help your eyes relax and make your time working with your computer more enjoyable. You can get computer glasses in several tints including gray, yellow and amber. Depending on what you use the computer for, different tints are better than others depending on your needs.

Using computer glasses preventing stress on the eyes is like using a good tool in a workshop.

If you work every day staring at the same monitor eventually you will wish you wore some form of eye protection. Protecting your eyes from the elements of over exposure has its rewards and saving your eyes is one of them.

Computer Glasses preventing
Computer glasses preventing eye strain.

You should use computer glasses preventing UV and HEV exposure. Some monitors are not as safe as others, sometimes they are old, and sometimes they have a list of safety precautions in the manual that you failed to read.. because “it’s just a monitor”. UV and HEV protection isn’t needed for all computer monitors, but it is recommended to have computer glasses that offer full protection.

Nerdiwear has computer glasses preventing eye strain and eye fatigue. They are coated with anti-glare coating, UV protection and they are offered in a variety of tints. Nerdiwear has a variety of computer glasses preventing tire red sore eyes and will keep you working longer and feeling better about your career choice.

Should computer glasses preventing eye fatigue have any magnification?

Computer glasses preventing eye problems is a wise investment. You should be skeptical of purchasing computer glasses with any magnification. If you already have good eye sight purchasing computer glasses preventing eye strain should have no power, no magnification and not reading glasses.

Optometrists will try to sell you lenses with a 20 to 26 inch focal prescription because they are in the business of selling glasses and making money. If they told you that you could get by with no prescription they are too honest to be in business. If your eyes are aging or damaged it is possible that you may have near sighted or intermediate distance issues and if so you may need a prescription to correct your vision. This should be determined by your eye doctor.

Who needs computer glasses preventing eye issues?

Graphic Designers, Computer Programmers, Website Developers, Data Entry Clerks, Internet surfers, Gamers all need computer glasses preventing computer vision syndrome. These occupations spend hours behind computer monitors every day. Over exposure to the brightness, glare and the constant re-focusing takes its toll on your eyes. Protecting your eyes is a wise and intelligent decision.

What causes eye strain, eye fatigue and computer vision syndrome?

People on blogs and forums say that the root of the eye strain problem is lack of blinking and long hours behind a monitor which dries out your eyes. This is true and you should take breaks, blink more often and wear computer glasses. Nerdiwear has tested their computer eyewear on a variety of full time computer operators with a 100% success rate in reducing eye irritation and redness. So whether you decide to blink more and take breaks is up to you, if you protect your eyes with computer glasses preventing eye strain you will feel better faster and you wont have to count your blinks.



Computer glasses preventing

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