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Computer Glasses 0 power

Computer Glasses 0 powerComputer Glasses 0 power relieve eye strain and eye fatigue.

Computer Glasses 0 power from Nerdiwear have all the protection you need in a pair of computer glasses. If you take a trip to your local Optometrist they may try to convince you that your eyes need a intermediate distance single vision prescription to stop your eye strain. Intermediate glasses are like reading glasses but the distance of the focal point is calibrated to your computer work station and monitor distance. If you have good vision and have never needed glasses you may not need a prescription at all.

Nerdiwear Computer Glasses 0 power protect your eyes in every way. They have UV and HEV Blue¬†protection, anti reflective coatings on both sides of the lenses, they offer the optional light tint of yellow, gray or amber to reduce the room brightness. Computer glasses don’t need to have a magnification to be effective.

Computer Glasses 0 power
Computer Glasses 0 power gray lens

What is eye strain?

If your eyes are red itchy and sore from the computer monitor you are most likely experiencing eye strain. Eye strain is caused by lack of moisture to the eye in combination with over exposure. Eye Strain affects millions of computer users from countless professions. Graphic Designers, Programmers, Website Developers, Data Entry Clerks, Video Editors, Animation Production artists and more. Your eyes dry out because you are spending too much time focusing and your natural blink rate is reduced from 12 blinks a minute to 5-6 per minute. With your eyes getting less moisture they tend to get sore and red, itchy and irritated after all the exposure. If you are a beginner in a computer profession you might not have any side affects. If you already wear glasses you are most likely protected. Nerdiwear Computer Glasses 0 power won’t help you blink more but they help relax the burden on your eyes and reduce the stress caused by the elements in the office. Office brightness, monitor glare and rapid scrolling images all contribute to your eyes working harder than the usually do.

Computer Glasses 0 power yellow tint
Computer Glasses 0 power yellow tint

Age and over exposure affects your eyes.

If you are around the age of 40 and you have been working with computers for over 10 years your eyes are not going to last. You should invest in Computer Glasses 0 power from Nerdiwear to protect your eyes before they grow weak and over worked. There are many symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, red eyes, itchy eyes, blurry vision, burning eyes, headaches, sore neck, dry eyes. If you think you may have bad vision you may need to see an eye Dr. and get a exam. If you only feel the symptoms when you sit behind your monitor you are experiencing eye strain also known as eye fatigue.

Computer glasses 0 power designed for men and women.

Nerdiwear has a nice selection of high end professional quality titanium and stainless steel Computer Glasses 0 power for both men and women. We have them made to order. Our lenses are made from high quality scratch resistant CR39HMC which is very durable and light weight.

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Computer glasses 0 power
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