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Computer Glasses zero power

Computer Glasses zero power are all you need to reduce your eye strain.

Computer Glasses zero power will protect your eyes from eye strain, eye fatigue and Computer Vision Syndrome just fine. There are many computer glasses in the marketplace that promote reading type glasses with magnification for computer use. If you have never worn glasses before you should avoid purchasing any computer glasses with magnification unless your eye doctor gives you a prescription. You should be a little skeptical of local optometrist and eye care centers in malls, these eye glasses vendors are in business to sell you glasses and exams. If Computer Glasses zero power were the simple answer to relaxing your tired eyes these eye glass companies would not sell you what you need for the right price. Remember the distance for reading computer screens is called intermediate and it is about 30 or so inches. Reading glasses from CVS or a Pharmacy are made for books and will only affect your vision negatively if used for computers.

Computer Glasses zero power

Computer Glasses zero power with anti reflective coating

Anti glare or anti-reflective coating is what really helps your eyes relax. Your eyes are very sensitive and reducing any unnecessary stress will make your eye strain feel better. Non-prescription Computer Glasses must have anti reflective coating on both sides to maximize the effectiveness. Neridwear Computer Glasses zero power cover your eyes with every angle of protection.


Computer Glasses zero power with UV protection

UV and HEV protection is from harmful blue light. Artificial lighting emits UV in small amounts. If you just dabble in computers you probably don’t have to worry much, but if you are at your terminal every day for many hours you should definitely invest in decent eye protection. Nerdiwear Computer Glasses zero power have protection from both HEVand UV from the sun. If you value your vision you should pick up a pair of computer glasses.


Computer Glasses zero powerComputer Glasses zero power with light yellow tinted lenses

Gaming glasses have started a trend of yellow tinted glasses. Pretty much the same as Blue Blockers and driving glasses being sold everywhere. What if we told you that gray lenses offer the same increased contrast but they are much more pleasant to look through. Gray lens Computer Glasses zero power from Nerdiwear are lightweight titanium and have CR39HMC lenses. CR39HMC is eye glass industry standard and as professional as it gets. Rarely will you find real glass anymore. CR39HMC is durable and scratch resistant. Beware of popular gaming glasses with a mild power and curved lenses. The extreme curved lenses distort the prescription and are not recommended to be used daily or for long periods of time.


Computer Glasses zero power with light gray tinted lenses

Nerdiwear has developed and tested a variety of different lens colors including: Yellow tinted lens, Amber tinted lens and Gray tinted lens. We have found that they are all equally effective in protecting your eyes, but the gray glasses are more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. The gray color Computer Glasses zero power has the least color distortion and images are viewed as close as possible to their natural color. Shop nerdiwear today and say goodbye to your sore eyes.



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