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Computer Vision Syndrome computer glasses

Computer Vision Syndrome needs eye protection, computer glasses.

Computer Vision Syndrome
Computer Vision Syndrome is from lack of eye protection.

Computer Vision SyndromeComputer Vision Syndrome is a condition all too many people are facing and will face in the coming future. Spending hours upon hours with your eyes locked on to the computer monitor. Your posture is slouched and your monitor is too bright. What did you think might happen? Over-exposure to computers affects millions of use computer nerds every day. Some of us have perfect vision and lately our eyes have become red and irritated. You feel your dry eyes burning and you sometimes ache in the neck and shoulders and even experience headaches.You may have a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

Computer Vision Syndrome is something that can be prevented with the proper eye protection and taking routine breaks in your workday to look away from your computer monitor. Generally one of the contributing factors to Computer Vision Syndrome is not blinking enough. You normally blink 12 times a minute and while staring at a computer you tend to blink 5 times a minute. Optometrists say to practice the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes look away at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

They also recommend getting computer glasses to take the stress off your eyes and prevent Computer Vision Syndrome.

Computer Vision SyndromeNerdiwear is a professional computer eyewear company that wants to protect the eyes of professional computer users from Computer Vision Syndrome. If your a Graphic Designer, Computer Programmer, Website Developer, Data Entry Clerk, Internet Surfer, Video Gamer or just a TV Watcher spending all day in behind dual 21″ monitors is your lifestyle and career. Like any other safety glasses computer glasses need to have a few properties to prevent or relieve Computer Vision Syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome
Computer Vision Syndrome Glasses for Men and Women

Computer glasses have to be light, like titanium light. If your going to wear them all day and your not usually a glasses person believe me you want as light as possible. Next you need to have light durable CR39HMC lenses clear or tinted. CR39HMC is the standard material used to make eyewear these days. Some computer glasses companies have a small amount of magnifying power to them.. but you want to avoid this unless you have a prescription.

The most important element needed for quality computer glasses is the anti-reflective coating. Make sure they have it because it reduces the glare, relaxes your eyes, and makes a big difference. Along with the anti-glare coating they should have UV and HEV Blue light protection. This is ultra-violet and ultra-violet blue light from monitors and artificial light sources.

Computer Vision Syndrome isn’t the end of the world. If you pick up a pair of Nerdiwear computer glasses you will feel the pressure off your eyes the first day. The first week you will find you like to wear them and you can spend hours longer doing what you like. Less than 30 days later your eyes will no longer be red and dry, you will not rub them as much and you will tell everyone you paid a lot but it was worth it. Nerdiwear – Protection from all angles. Shop for your gray lenses computer eyewear today and correct your Computer Vision Syndrome and eye strain. Avoid yellow tinted glasses if you want to manage colors, light gray lenses are highly recommended for all applications.




Computer Vision Syndrome

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