CR39 HMC Lenses

Our cr39 hmc lenses are made to protect your eyes.

computer eyewear with cr39 hmc lensesCr39 hmc lenses are what make our products lead the industry. Our non-prescription cr39 hmc lenses are made from a 1.57 index scratch resistant cr39 composite with no magnification. They are optically clear or you can choose to have a tint added and reduce the brightness in your working conditions. Cr39 hmc lenses are made very tough and coated with an anti-reflective coating to reduce the computer screen glare and reflections. These cr39 hmc lenses will not shatter if dropped, chip or crack. They are scratch resistant based on normal wear and tear and will last you years if you properly take care of them. We recommend using a microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth to wipe clean and polish as well as a eyeglass cleaner solution that won’t affect the AR coating or mild soap and water.

When you sit behind a monitor or TV screen you will most likely be sitting there for a few hours at a time. Many people who work daily with displays tend to focus on the screen without blinking as much or taking the recommended 20 minute breaks. Year after year your eyes muscles start to grow tired and over worked. Outfitting yourself with proper protective eye wear with cr39 hmc lenses is the best decision you can make as a computer user. We have put together the perfect pair of glasses, coating, protection, quality frame, lightweight and comfortable. You can look stylish and protect your eyes at the same time.

We are very confident you will enjoy your new protective glasses with cr39 hmc lenses that we guarantee if you are not satisfied with them we will buy them back. We offer a wide range of styles and designs for men and women. If you are experiencing eye fatigue or eye strain and are looking for monitor eye protection you have come to the right place.



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