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Data Entry Eyewear

Data entry eyewearData entry eyewear should be provided by your employer.

Data entry is repetition work that affects your eyes in several ways. Day after day filling pages of text, proofreading and multitasking your computer terminal. Dual monitors all day long can contribute to severe eye fatigue and eye strain. If you have red wore out tired eyes and rub them several times during your work day you need to start protecting yourself. Bright offices and high contrast monitors demand a light tinted lens with a anti-reflective coating. Nerdiwear guarantees your eyes will relax and you will be able to work longer hours doing what you do best. Data entry eyewear that are lightweight are the key. You have to be comfortable wearing them for 7 hours a day. If you already wear glasses then you understand the need for quality data entry eyewear.

We have engineered the perfect data entry eyewear to keep you going without wearing out your eyes. Our data entry eyewear has light CR39HMC lenses, a light tint to reduce the brightness of the modern office, anti-reflective coating to reduce the computer screen glare and UV protection to keep any harmful HEVĀ from entering your eyes. If your job requires you to sit in front of computers all day you should consider protecting your eyes before they become tired or wore out.

Data entry eyewear
Data entry eyewear

Our specially engineered data entry eyewear bridge the gap between consumer safety and long term exposure side effects. It is up to you to protect your eyes if you are exposed daily to computers and digital displays. The manufacturers will always tell you their product is safe to view, but what about 25 years later? Don’t wait too long for your eyes to become strained and dried out, correct the fatigue today. Shop Nerdiwear for your Data entry eyewear today and relax your tired eyes from stress.



Data entry eye wear


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