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Driving Glasses and or Computer Glasses

Driving Glasses Clear lensDriving Glasses you can wear all day.

Nerdiwear designed anti-glare coated, scratch resistant CR39HMC, UV coated lenses with optional tint choice are perfect for daily wear. Our Driving Glasses do not have any magnification in the lens and will not hurt your eyes or affect your vision negatively. Nerdiwear Driving Glasses offer full protection from all angles. Reflections, Brightness, Glare, UV and they are ultra light and comfortable to wear.

Driving Glasses are not only great for night driving but they can be worn all day to protect your eyes from TV’s, computer monitors, digital displays and the sun. Our light tinted glasses can be worn indoors and in bright offices without feeling like you are wearing sun glasses. They have just enough tint to knock down the brightness and help your eyes relax.

Driving Glasses Amber tintDriving Glasses Gray tintEye strain will happen if you repeatedly expose your eyes to stress and less blinking.

When you focus on the road and your blinking rate slows down your eyes dry out and become red and irritated. Our driving glasses will not help you blink more but they help protect them when they are over worked and stressed out. Our Driving Glasses are non prescription and made from high quality materials including: Titanium and stainless steel lightweight frames, scratch resistant CR39HMC lenses, anti glare and anti reflective coating, UV and HEV Blue protection and a light tint choice.

Driving Glasses Yellow tintYellow tinted Driving Glasses are the trend.

Yellow tinted driving glasses became popular because when you look through them everything you see is filtered to a higher contrast. The increased contrast makes darks darker and lights lighter. This effect allows you to feel comfortable viewing objects at night with road glare. Yellow tint is not the only tint to offer this effect. Gray tinted and Amber tinted lenses also offer protection from brightness and increased viewing contrast. They work the same in protecting your eyes but the colors you see are less distorted. Yellow tinted glasses as trendy as they are can be annoying to look through if you like seeing the colors of the world. Gray tinted Driving Glasses offer full protection and leave colors intact. They are more comfortable to wear because you are already used to wearing sun glasses and gray is more familiar to your eyes.

If your looking for high quality driving glasses you can shop our computer glasses store and you will be protected and satisfied. We offer a 30 day guarantee on all of our eyewear. For night driving and computer user professionals:





Driving Glasses
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