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Graphic Design Eyewear

Graphic Designer eyewearGraphic Designer eyewear makes a breakthrough in eye protection.

Thousands of working hours focusing on your dual digital monitors, images and graphics. Multi-tasking without taking breaks, blinking or relaxing your eyes. Graphic Designers eyes are their most important asset and protecting their eyes before they get sore, red, and wore out is the best decision they can make. Many graphic designer eyewear on the market are yellow, amber or melanin and are not good for evaluating color and matching Pantones color swatches. Nerdiwear has introduced the light gray tinted computer glasses to the Graphic Designer Eyewear industry. Light gray tint enables you to judge color, they reduce the glare, reduce the brightness and most of all they help your eyes relax. Our Graphic Designer Eyewear are available in two color tints: optically clear lenses or light gray lenses to protect your eyes.

Graphic Designer Eyewear
Graphic Designer Eyewear

Graphic Designer Eyewear will help you to work longer hours without rubbing your sore red tired eyes. Graphic Designer Eyewear has the perfect tint, UV protection, quality light weight frame and anti-reflection needed to stabilize your eye fatigue and correct your burning eye issue. We have tested our gray tinted Graphic Designer Eyewear on several professional Graphic Designers with over 15 years experience working full time design shifts in the office, and surfing the web at night. All of these Graphic Designers were very satisfied with our product and continue to wear them for daily computer use. These computer glasses are not just for Graphic Designers. If you are a Programmer, Web Developer, Data Entry Clerk, TV Watcher, Internet Surfer, Video Gamer, or a Website Designer we strongly advise you to pick up a pair of our specially engineered eyewear today. We are confident you will love your new eyewear and if you are not fully satisfied within 30 days, we will buy them back! Shop Nerdiwear for your Graphic Designer eyewear today!



Graphic Designer Eye wear


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