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Internet Surfing Eyewear

Internet Eyewear ProtectionInternet eyewear protect the daily user from eye strain and eye fatigue.

Internet eyewear will change the way view computer screens. Anytime you are surfing the web and browsing internet pages for hours your eyes feel the strain. Focusing and refocusing, not blinking and not taking breaks will cause your eyes to dry out. Whenever you sit behind a computer you should protect your eyes with computer glasses or internet eyewear. We have engineered special internet eyewear that reduce the reflection, tint out the brightness and block the harmful radiation. Even if you are wearing internet eyewear you must still take small breaks every 20 minutes to prevent eye strain and eye fatigue. We offer a wide range of computer UV glasses that are lightweight, durable and effective. You should protect you eyes with the best.

Internet eyewear is something that not everybody feels they need. They rub their eyes at the end of the day and goto bed. Lets just say that you go on and on for 35 years at approximately 4 hours a day exposure. That totals up to 51,100 hours of computer time. 50 thousand hours of your eyes overworking and dealing with bright contrast screens, small text and fast moving images. They claim that your computer screens are safe but do they mention what your eyes will be like in 45 years?

Nerdiwear has looked into the future and designed and engineered a preventative internet eyewear solution. Wearing safety glasses while cutting metal is required because damage could occur. If you think your eyes might get damaged from over-exposure to digital technology shouldn’t you protect them? Our internet eyewear will not correct your vision or repair any existing damage, but they will relax your eyes and make you feel more comfortable sitting at your computer. Shop Nerdiwear for your top of the line Internet eyewear and prevent eye strain.



Internet eye wear


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