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computer-glasses-womens computer-glassesComputer Glasses – the need for and How Effective They Really Are!

Nowadays, we live in a rapid society with both digital and physical presence. With knowing that the digital world created an online revolution and that almost every single effort is nowadays digitalized in order to profit from it, it is clear that a large portion of the people spend the most of their hours on computers and laptops.

While for some this factor is progressive and interesting, for the people themselves it can be devastating and a great risk posed to their health. Why?

In a nutshell, the computer screen harms our eyes. In order to get rid of this threat, it is important to invest in computer glasses – a revolutionary accessory that will not only save you the hustle and worry, but also make you more productive.


Common Threats and Eye Disorders

In fact, if you are aware about the Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and how it is a larger threat with every single day, you must know that wearing computer glasses is the best way to prevent it. The CVS comes with a group of symptoms like eye strain, headache, blurred vision and dry eyes. This is all caused by prolonged computer use, in which without computer glasses, our eyes and brain react differently than they obviously do to printed text.

However, the CVS is not the only problem here. Without wearing proper computer glasses, people who spend a lot of time on computers also risk their eyes from another disorder that results in eye loss and inability of focus on nearby objects. It is called Presbyopia and the best way to prevent it is simple – you should wear the computer glasses.


So, what are computer glasses and how are they better than regular eyeglasses?

First of all, computer glasses have anti-reflective lenses. This means that unlike the standard eyeglasses, the computer glasses block the harmful radiations and make sure to reduce glare while enhancing the vision and focus. Having to work with computer glasses thereby reduces the harmful impact of the computer screen and does not result with tiredness and eye pain.

Today’s gadgets apart from only computers also share the same negative impact on our eyes which can be easily prevented. The computer glasses come without any side effects to our eyes, and while protecting our eyestrain and headache, they also help a lot without making us tired due to prolonged working on computers.


But did you know that the use of computer glasses is not only recommended for computers?

In fact, these glasses also act great against glare and reflection from water, snow and other flat surfaces. Therefore, the computer glasses are the best accessory when it comes to driving, biking or any other outdoor adventure. This means that whether you are a computer or gadget user or an outdoor lover, computer glasses are made to tailor everyone’s needs!

There is a whole other set of helpful benefits that the computer glasses hold. They are lightweight and easy to carry, but also come with zero magnification and without the need of prescription. As you already know, the glare coating and UVA/UVB ones are all a part of the computer glasses, which can be worn at any time.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

We are aware that nowadays, people skip the computer for TV, or the TV for their mobile phone. And in this situation, there is nothing worse than the glare these devices spread on our eyes, risking our sight and the clarity in our eyes. According to a recent study made by the US Vision Council, it was found that even 70 percent of the american adults reported having some kind of digital eye strain, whether it was blurred vision, eyestrain, dry or red eyes, headache, back pain, neck pain or general fatigue.

Reducing eyestrain while ergonomically optimizing your workstation starts with investing in a pair of computer glasses. They are meant to optimize your eyesight while looking at digital screens and while increasing contrast and maximizing what you see – they also make it easier to look at any screen for a longer period. The anti-reflective (AR) coating is probably the most perfect technology invented to reduce the screen glare and make it bounce off.

At this point, you may be thinking that you really need computer glasses. And in reality, they are made for anyone. Whether it’s you tied in your workstation with your computer, or even your kid who loves gaming, the time for decent protection has come.

Many doctors and scientists advise the use of computer glasses during work, gaming and other screen-involving activities. The craze for the screens increases on  a daily basis for many people throughout the world, and progressively with that, the risk we pose our eyes to rises.

So, in a nutshell, the computer glasses help filtering out the harsh light spectrum coming from any screen and is directed to our eye muscles. They are tinted and come in several colors: gray, yellow, amber or clear, so you can customize your look for the indoors, driving, computer, home or office accordingly.

If you are already experiencing an eyestrain and think you are better without computer glasses at this point, you are terribly wrong. Not only computer glasses will help you feel better, they can also reduce the eyestrain and increase the contrast – while keeping your vision straight in line.

In the end, what you may be asking yourself is the question we all share – should I really consider buying computer glasses?

The answer is and always will be YES if you regularly spend at least 4 hours daily in front of the computer, and not to mention all the other devices. If you are however skeptic about your appearance, you should know that computer glasses come in many styles and frames, as well as glass colors.

Ultimately, computer glasses are one of the most revolutionary items with which we can fight off the negative impact of our beloved screens which we usually ignore. At this point – we should not ignore it but confront it, at least before it’s too late.




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