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Nerdiwear Eyeglasses for professional computer operators. Protect your vision from: LCD monitors, LED and Fluorescent Light Sources, Screen Radiation, High Energy Visible Light (HEV) and Solar Radiation.

Zero Power Full Protection.


Liife UV-VIS450
Liife Men | Acetate + designer temples | $47.44 USD

CLASS Women | Acetate + designer temples | $65.70 USD

Mens Flatscreener gray lens stainless steel computer glasses
FLATSCREEN Men | Stainless + Acetate Temples | $59.70 USD

Women's full rim frame is made mostly from plastic.
GADJET Women | Acetate + designer temples | $65.70 USD

Mens Rockstar gray lens stainless steel computer glasses
ROCKSTAR Men | Hypoallergenic Acetate frame | $65.70 USD

Womens Hoot gray lens plastic computer glasses
HOOT Women | Hypoallergenic Acetate Frame| $65.70 USD

Mens Hackerboss gray lens titanium non prescription computer glasses
HACKERBOSS Men| Memory Titanium | $65.70 USD

SPORTO Women | TR-90 Unbreakable | $65.70 USD

DESIGNER | Shock Resistant Acetate | $67.70
DESIGNER Men | Impact Resistant Acetate | $77.70 USD

DECO BLUE | Impact Resistant Acetate | $49.70
DECO BLUE Women| Impact Resistant Acetate | $47.44 USD

Computer Glasses non prescription | Professional Eyewear | Tinted | Anti Glare | UV | Blue light

Computer Glasses non prescription are for the professional computer user that has good vision, but is experiencing eye strain, headaches, eye fatigue, computer vision syndrome, red itchy eyes, dry eyes from over exposure to the bright office and computer monitors. Nerdiwear computer glasses non prescription will relax your eyes or your money back …Guaranteed.

Nerdiwear has developed the perfect solution for your tired sore exhausted computer eyes.

If you work daily behind a computer without some form of eyeglasses you will feel the burning sensation in a matter of time. Years and years of over exposure and daily computer work takes its toll. Our high quality lightweight professional computer eyeglasses will help your eyes recover and eventually you will stop using eye drops, stop getting headaches and your eye strain will relax and return to normal.

Computer eyeglasses without a prescription is what you need if you have good vision and have never needed reading eyeglasses.

Many computer glasses being sold have a mild intermediate distance power that zooms the screen. If you decide to go this road you will not be doing your eyes a favor. Your eyes will become used to the magnification and dependent on powered eyewear.

Non prescription computer eyeglasses can be worn for driving, for daily use, TV watching and anywhere indoors. The tint is so light they wont affect your vision or limit your ability to see objects in a dim lit room. They are perfect for computer users, they have anti glare coating, UV protection, and they are made from the best materials you can find. Made from Titanium, Stainless Steel along with CR39HMC scratch resistant lenses. We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee and all of our eyeglasses come with a microfiber pouch and a clam shell case.


Professional Computer Glasses
Protect your vision.

Computer Glasses non prescription are for the average professional computer user that has no vision issues… just eye strain or eye fatigue.

If you are looking for computer glasses non prescription that you can were all day without affecting your vision Nerdiwear has the perfect selection of computer glasses non prescription. If you have good vision and your eyes are irritated, red itchy and bothersome when you sit down to work behind a computer you should avoid purchasing computer glasses with a mild magnification. Your eyes are a powerful tool that do not need a crutch. If you purchase computer reading glasses with a mild power you are setting yourself up to be dependent on that prescription.

Nerdiwear computer glasses non prescription are made of the finest materials we could find. They are constructed on titanium frames and lightweight CR39HMC scratch resistant non prescription lenses. They are coated with anti glare coating and they are UV safe from both UVA, UVB and HEV Blue Light. Our computer glasses non prescription will relax your eyes and reduce the eye strain. If you are using eye drops daily our computer glasses non prescription will help ween you off the eye drops all together.

Nerdiwear computer glasses non prescription come in a variety of tints including yellow tint, gray tint and amber tinted computer glasses non prescription. They are also available in optically clear lens if you do not care for the light tint option. When you purchase our non prescription computer glasses we offer a 30 day guarantee to insure they are what you want. If you are not fully satisfied you can return your computer glasses non prescription and we will purchase them back from you.
*note if you are experiencing poor vision, blurry vision along with headaches you should visit your local eye doctor to be evaluated.