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Professional Programmer EyewearProgrammer eyewear is an instrument that makes their tasks less stressful.

Programmer eyewear should be an instrument available to all programers and computer coders. Programmers spend countless hours dissecting code to remove the glitches from beta programs and software. Reading code on bright white screens and focusing without blinking leads to tired eyes and eye stain. We have developed protective programmer eyewear for the bright office or the less bright home office. Light gray, light amber, light yellow tints are actually pleasing to view through and do not compromise Our programmer eyewear computer glasses are specially engineered to reduce glare, tint out brightness and block harmful radiation from monitors. If you are experiencing tired burnt out eyes our UV computer programmer eyewear will relieve your strain instantly and you will feel the need to wear them every time you work. Prevent eye strain before it happens to you.

Programmer eyewear
Programmer eye wear

Programmer eyewear is engineered for the full time long term computer user. If you spend 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year sitting behind a bright over contrast computer screen, your eyes must feel the burn. Eye strain is not only from brightness and glare but it is also because computer users do not blink a normal rate while focusing on the computer screen. They also don’t take recommended 20 minute breaks to re-focus their exhausted eyes. Nerdiwear products work and work very well. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will buy them back from you within 30 days of purchase. Give them a try… It’s hard to beat a pair of Titanium, CR39HMC¬†, anti-reflective, amber tinted eyewear when working with computers.

After a week of wearing your new programmer eyewear you will realize how bad things have been and how good they can be. Shop Nerdiwear for your professional Programmer eyewear and keep coding.




Programmer eye wear


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