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TV Eyewear with UV and glare protectionTV eyewear on your list of thing to look into? Why not?

TV eyewear will help your eyes from over-exposure of any digital screens. Your exposure to TV UV from a distance will not affect you as much as sitting too close to your TV. TV eyewear will protect your eyes from the dark room, bright TV contrast. Daily TV watching will eventually lead to some form of eye strain unless you take regular breaks to refresh your eyes. The new digital TV’s have standard high contrast, bright image quality that causes your eyes to work harder. If you feel dry eyes, or rub your eyes after watching several hours of TV it is not always just from the TV, but it is because you have been exposed all day to computers, phones and digital displays. Save your eyes from strain and protect them with TV eyewear specially engineered to reduce glare, brightness and UV rays.

In the old days children used to ride around on bikes without helmets and they all turned out OK, well most of them. Today age has learned from the mistakes of our past. We as a society practice safer sports, recreation and habbits, cars are safer, toys are safer and TV’s and Computer monitors are safer. The future is here and not too many of us take the time to educate ourselves on the long term effects of over-exposure to computers and TV’s. We put our trust in the companies selling the devices and hope nothing bad will happen. Nerdiwear says you need to put your eyes safety into your own hands.

TV Eyewear
TV Eyewear | DEXTER | Stainless

TV Eyewear is pure prevention, especially if you spend every day in front of TV’s If your eyes feel exhausted and red or dried out you could use a pair today. They start working right away, and after a week you will feel the strain if you stop using them. TV eyewear and computer eyewear are for the every day user as well as the casual on-looker. Shop Nerdiwear for your protective pair of TV eyewear today. Protecting yourself with TV eyewear is taking steps in the right direction.

TV Eyewear


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