UVA, UVB, UVC and HEV Protection

Computer glasses with UV protectionUV protection from sun as well as HEV blue light protection.

UV protection from monitors is still a health concern for full time computer users. As time goes forward newer monitors emit less and less UV and radiation and are said to be safe. Older CRT (cathode ray tube) displays did have small amounts of radiation emitting from them but these dinosaur monitors are becoming relics of the past. If you are from the old school generation of sitting in front of two 21 inch mega CRT monitors working on adobe illustrator 1.1 all day, you may have been exposed to some unhealthy UV. Companies that made these monitors had to coat the shatter resistant glass to protect the consumer, but who really knows about the long term affects from your over exposure. It’s nice of them to tell you now, after the fact. Newer flat screen monitors are LCD, fluorescent and LED they all claim to be safe and not harmful to your eyes so you really have nothing to worry about, or do you?

Our UV protection computer eye wear is coated to protect you from any monitor new and old as well as tube TV sets that are still sitting in dads living room. Our computer eye wear is engineered to protect you in several ways including UV protection from the sun. If you are a skeptic and want to put your eyes safety into your own hands, you will appreciate our UV protection computer glasses. We are targeting occupational professionals that spend all day 7 days a week in front of computer monitors and do not want to worry about long term side affects because of over exposure to any display or viewing apparatus. Nerdiwear has engineered the ultimate protection for all computer users and nerd professionals on every level.



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